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Mother's Day Celebration

16 May 2017

Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal Bangalore on the eve of Mother's Day , initiated a unique concept of Growing love - a sapling for every baby. The theme is Watch yourself Grow ...Mothers who have delivered at Aster CMI were invited @ encouraged to plant a sapling against their baby’s name. There was a niche space created a and encouraged mothers to come with the babies and plant . Every sapling were...

Miracle baby – Survivor of 5 cardiac arrests

15 May 2017

Survival instincts are second nature to humans and animals but the chances definitely depends on the fitness of the person. Adults have a better chances at survival than children and children better than new-borns and a mature new born more than the premature new born and premature babies born after 28 weeks more than the ones born before 27 weeks of pregnancy. So as to change this known...

Aster CMI unveils its state-of- the art medical center for children born with Primary Immune Deficiency

26 Apr 2017

In advance to the World Immunology Day observed on April 29th every year, Aster CMI Hospital unveiled its dedicated centre of care for primary immune deficiency (PIDs) diseases today. During the announcement today, a parent support group from Bangalore also detailed out their plea submitted to the government to rationalise the treatment for PIDs. PIDs are a rare form of diseases genetically...