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Aster Group of Hospitals sets a benchmark in performing the highest number of Robotic Renal Recipient Transplant surgery in South India, and also reiterates its commitment to make robotic surgery affordable.

07 Jul 2017

 From ancient days to present modern times alleviating pain and improving the quality of life have been the primary goals of good health care; and developments in technology have played an important role in making this a reality. Aster group, leading the way with the highest number of Renal Recipient Robotic Transplant Surgery in South India, believes modern medicine is not anymore about survival alone, but about the well being of a person and their way they experience life. This can done only by making state of art technology and expertise affordable to the masses

Dr Vidyashankar  ,Lead Consultant Nephrologist at AsterCMI hospital  Said   Robotic surgery for renal transplantation started in 2015 in Chicago,USA and it came as a boon to the kidney transplant recipient in offering them better care.In India it is being done in very few centres due to paucity of skill and robotic technology.The largest number of surgeries are  being done in Ahmedabad and New Delhi(around 150-200)

Aster DM Hospitals in south India has done largest number of renal recipient surgeries (around 40) in southern part of India at much affordable cost.

Conventional kidney transplants required open surgeries on both the donor and the recipients which meant both had to undergo a long period of treatment and recovery before they could get back to their daily life, and certain limitations of activities. Robotic surgery of kidney transplant recipients is a boon in offering them less painful procedure, early physical activity and very minimal scar.


Explaining the benefits of Robotic transplant surgery Dr Govardhan  Senior Consultant Urologist and Robotic surgeon Aster CMI hospital said ‘through Robotic Surgery the entire transplant of kidney from donor to recipient can be accomplished with minimal surgery allowing both the patients to get back to their daily life in a very short time. They can get back to their regular work in a matter of 10 to 15 days and even resume their exercise or workouts including moderate weight lifting or swimming.

Dr Kishore  Senior Consultant Urologist and Transplant surgeon Aster Medcity  further highlighting  on early recovery and minimal scar aspects of robotic surgery recollected on a couple of recently done kidney transplant cases using robotic surgery technology at Aster CMI hospital said

“The patients were on their feet within two days and the donor patient was able to go home on the third day and the recipient patient in just a week. This process helps patients feel normal as there is no scar on the abdomen (which happens in cases of open surgery), they experience very little pain; also since chances of infection in a small wound is reduced, the healing is quicker as well. With such facilities available today, there is a good chance that many who were putting off a kidney transplant will go in for the Robotic surgeries and donors too may be more willing to come forward to donate their kidney to help their friends, relatives or even an unknown person lead a better life.


Dr. Anoop : Consultant Nephrology @ Aster CMI Hospital says : Robotic Renal recipient transplant is just amazing less pain less scar scar, early mobilization and safety procedure.


Speaking on the occasion Dr Ravish  Senior Consultant Urologist and Transplant surgeon Aster CMI hospital reiterated on  Aster groups commitment to make this high end procedure like Minimal Access Robotic Surgery program (MARS) affordable to the common man by  announcing to do  all robot assisted kidney transplant cases  at regular laparoscopic cost for needy patient at AsterCMI hospital